President’s Message

KAASC is a state trade organization whose purpose is to bring together individuals that represent the Ambulatory Surgery Centers of Kansas and have common interests in the delivery of quality care to patients in an affordable manner. It is our collective task to demonstrate to those looking to us with a critical eye that we provide quality care in a safe environment. Working together to develop strategies to educate the public, government and payors of the state ASC industry is vitally important. The KAASC is an organization that can be very helpful in this effort.

Membership is what makes an organization such as ours effective. The Board of Directors recently changed the membership categories for the KAASC. In the past the membership was by licensed ASC and was expensive, especially for smaller ASCs. We decided to move to individual memberships for those that work directly in the industry. The individual membership dues are affordable which allows for multiple members from all sizes of ASCs and allows members that work in more disciplines to participate. There is strength in numbers.

Working together with our Boards, physicians and fellow members the organization has the ability to influence legislation at the local, state and federal level. I encourage you to join the organization and to participate in KAASC as we address the many challenges that face us.


Lindsey Kroenke, RN, BSN
President, KAASC